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DEV for week 619 (HyperOS DEV released for various devices)

Latest update: 2023.11.14 21:49:21

VersionsOS1., OS1.

CommunityDEV for week 619 (HyperOS DEV released for various devices)

▍Update description
  • HyperOS DEV for Xiaomi 14 & Pro has been adjusted to Nov.14, welcome to the Hyper updates.
  • HyperOS DEV for Xiaomi 13 Ultra, Xiaomi 13 Pro,Xiaomi 13, Redmi K60 Pro, Redmi K60 release date has also been adjusted to Nov.14, with the amount of DEV user, you may will have to wait for some time, please be pation with us.
  • HyperOS DEV for Xiaomi MIX Fold 3 & Xiaomi MIX Fold 2 will stick to the original plan ,please tune in to the Community announcements for updates.

  • Please make sure you've backed up your data before the update.
  • Please refer to the logs on the phone for specific updates.


Xiaomi HyperOS

Xiaomi HyperOS, a full on Eco-System connecting 「People, Vehicles, and Home」

Comprehensive refactoring

Xiaomi HyperOS comprehensive refactoring optimizes performance for individual devices

Dynamic thread priority adjustment and dynamic task cycle evaluation allow for optimal performance and power efficiency

Energy-efficient rendering framework for improved performance and smoother animations

Integrated SOC enables smoother hardware resource allocation and dynamic prioritizing of computing power

Smart IO engine focuses on prioritizing important current tasks and reduces insufficient resource allocation

Upgraded memory management engine makes frees up more resources and makes memory usage more efficient. Storage refresh technology makes your device work fast for much longer via smart defragmentation

Intelligent network selection makes your connection smoother in poor network environments

Smart signal selection engine dynamically adjusts antenna behavior to improve signal stability. Upgraded network collaboration capabilities significantly reduce network lagging

Cross-device intelligent connectivity

Xiaomi HyperConnect creates seamless cross end-device connections. View and manage your nearby smart devices in Mi Smart Hub which constantly updates in real-time based on device networking

Now you can use the hardware capabilities (e.g. camera, screen, or connectivity) of one device across compatible interconnected devices

Apps, media playback, clipboard content, and other items can be moved effortlessly between devices

End-to-end security

Isolated security OS that safeguards sensitive information across interconnected devices

Cross-device TEE security verification and hardware-level encryption for data transfers

Cross-end privacy protection system that allows you to control permissions, record behavior, and receive alerts about interconnected devices

Vibrant aesthetics

Global aesthetics draw inspiration from life itself and change the way your device looks and feels

New animation language makes interactions with your device wholesome and intuitive

Natural colors bring vibrancy and vitality to every corner of your device

Our all-new system font supports multiple writing systems

Redesigned Weather app not only gives you important information, but also shows you how it feels outside

Notifications are focused on important information, presenting it to you in the most efficient way

Every photo can look like an art poster on your Lock screen, enhanced by multiple effects and dynamic rendering

New Home screen icons refresh familiar items with new shapes and colors

Our in-house multi-rendering technology makes visuals delicate and comfortable across the whole system

Multitasking is now even more straightforward and convenient with an upgraded multi-window interface

Device nameHyperOSAndroidRecovery
Xiaomi 13(fuxi)OS1.
Xiaomi 13 Pro(nuwa)OS1.
Xiaomi 13 Ultra(ishtar)OS1.
Xiaomi 14(houji)OS1.
Xiaomi 14 Pro / Ti(shennong)OS1.
Redmi K60(mondrian)OS1.
Redmi K60 Pro(socrates)OS1.

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